Sweet Repeats KY Consignment Event


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List of Items

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Matchbox Downtown Demolition Set (barelyBoysToy$10.50
Spiderweb hanging decor N/AHome Decor$2.50
NEW grey hoodie "I'm So Cold", runs sJuniorsMediumClothing$10.50
Dark denim jeans w/ tan stitchingJuniors9Clothing$3.50
Black jeansJuniors9Clothing$4.50
Jeans w/ wide waistbandJuniors9Clothing$2.50
Dark denim jeans w/ white & tan stitchinJuniors11Clothing$3.50
Dark grey cargo shortsJuniors9Clothing$4.50
Grey caprisJuniors9Clothing$4.50
Khaki shortsJuniors9Clothing$4.50
Black caprisJuniors9Clothing$4.50
Dark khaki caprisJuniors9Clothing$4.50
Black cargo caprisJuniors9Clothing$4.50
Black cargo shortsJuniors9Clothing$4.50
Dark denim jeans, blue/white stitching oJuniors9Clothing$3.50
Khaki pantsJuniors9Clothing$3.50
Khaki pantsJuniors9Clothing$3.50
Denim capris, cuffed, stitched rips on tJuniors7Clothing$3.50
Denim capris w/ ripped kneesJuniors7Clothing$3.50
Denim capris, cuffedJuniors9Clothing$2.50
Baby BrezzaBothFurniture$40.00
Little People work together dump truckBothToy$6.50
Little People work together dump truckBothToy$6.50