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List of Items

Welcome to the Virtual Browser! This list will give you an idea of what's coming to the sale!
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Florida Gator OnesiesBoysSmallClothing$1.00
Baby Gap RomperBoys3MClothing$10.00
Ralph Lauren Polo RomperBoys3MClothing$20.00
Tommy Hilfiger Short Size 6M-12M Both6MClothing$10.00
Tommy Hilfiger ShirtBoys6MClothing$13.00
8 newborn onesies + 1 newborn jammiesBoysNewbornClothing$5.00
4 newborn onesiesBothNewbornClothing$3.00
Carter's button-down onesieBoys24 mosClothing$5.00
Carter's button-down onesieBoys12 mosClothing$5.00
5 Gerber bear onesiesBoys6-9 mosClothing$5.00
5 whale onesiesBoys6-9 mosClothing$5.00
2 pair Carter's dinosaur 2-piece jammieBoys18 mosClothing$4.00
Carter's turtle green collared shirt + Boys6-9 mosClothing$3.00
Carter's Dirt Magnet shirt + plaid shorBoys12 mosClothing$3.00
Carter's blue collared button-down + reBoys9 mosClothing$3.00
Carter's 3-piece outfit bear hugsBoys9 mosClothing$5.00
Captain Adorable shirt + red shortsBoys6-9 mosClothing$3.00
Carter's fox longsleeve onesie + sweatpBoys12 mosClothing$3.00
Carter's gray striped shark bodysuitBoys3 mosClothing$2.00
Blue & yellow striped duck bodysuitBoys12 mosClothing$2.00
Carter's guitar bodysuitBoys9 mosClothing$2.00
Carter's collared bodysuitBoys18 mosClothing$2.00
Carter's striped hooded bodysuitBoys12 moClothing$2.00
Carter's whale striped bodysuitBoys12 mosClothing$2.00
3 Jumping Beans sweatpantsBoys12 mosClothing$5.00
Carter's Little Skipper shirt & shortsGirlsNewbornClothing$3.00
2 striped footed jammiesBoys3 mosClothing$4.00
3 footed jammiesBoys3 mosClothing$5.00
Carter's Handsome hooded bodysuitBoys3 mosClothing$2.00
Anchor shirt + khaki shortsBoys6-9 mosClothing$3.00
Newborn collared onesieBoysNewbornClothing$2.00
Cat & Jack shamrock shirtBoys12 moClothing$2.00
Jumping Beans octopus onesieBoys18 mosClothing$2.00
Jumping Beans blue tank topBoys18 mosClothing$2.00
Activewear lined hooded vest & pantsBoys2TClothing$5.00
Khaki overall shortsBoys2TClothing$2.00
Activewear lined pants & hooded jacketBoys24 mosClothing$6.00
Gymboree jeansBoys3-6 mosClothing$2.00
Carter's fox fleece bodysuitBoys12 mosClothing$3.00
Monkey costumeBoys18 mosCostume$5.00
Red striped collared onesie + blue shortBoys6-9 mosClothing$3.00
Rashguard Boys6-9 mosClothing$2.00
Carter's dog red striped hooded bodysuiBoys6 mosClothing$2.00
Dog blue striped longsleeve onesieBoys9 mosClothing$2.00
Gymboree collared white longsleeve onesiBoys18-24 mosClothing$2.00
Carter's hooded whale bodysuitBoys6 mosClothing$2.00
Polo red & blue shirtBoys4TClothing$4.00
2 Carter's dog & bear striped bodysuitsBoys6 mosClothing$4.00
Green & gray striped bodysuitBoys6 mosClothing$2.00
2 Circo footed jammiesBoys9 mosClothing$4.00