Terms of Service:

As a member of MyConsignmentSale.com (MCS), I understand and agree to the following:

  1. TERMS:
    • You agree that MCS only provides a web-based consignment sale system that may be modifed without notice.
    • You agree that MCS will not be held liable for glitches, personal internet, browser, computer, or any monetary failures made by you or the system.
    • You agree to pay fees of $55 Maintenance Fee once per year, a $110 per sale and $.01 per item sold.
    • You agree to pay all fees only after your sale is complete and within two weeks after the first day of your sale (or the end of the month for a monthly sale.)
    • You agree to pay a $25 late fee and allow your sale to be locked should you fail to pay your fees in the agreed timeframe of 2 weeks.
    • You agree that additional services and requests (Remote Sale, Data Uploading, Phone Support, PayPal convenience, etc.) are subject to additional fees.
    • You agree that your sale may be taken offline and archived to conserve server space should you not login to the system for over 1 year.

    • MCS agrees to keep all information confidential and will not distribute to anyone at any time.
    • MCS agrees to provide SSL encryption for increased security.

    • Users must provide accurate and true information.
    • Users must use the system only as intended and not attempt to subvert any processes.
    • Users must read all materials on usage of the system as provided in FAQs and Help files.
    • Users are not to copy or distribute copyrighted materials from MyConsignmentSale.com.
    • Users are required to perform due diligence and determine if their sale location has sufficient internet services necessary for MCS to function.
    • Users are to administer requests and account changes from their consignors and admins.
    • Users are not to request information on other clients using MCS.

    • MyConsignmentSale.com reserves the right to terminate service at any time should the user not live up to the above terms and obligations.