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Consignors must read through and accept the Terms of Service prior to participating in EACH St. Croix Kids Consignment Sale:

  • I understand that as of the Spring '21 Sale, all consignors will be paid via direct deposit. Earnings will be deposited into your account within 1-2 weeks of the sale ending. It is completely secure and if you have not already signed up, let us know and we'll send an email through our bank.

  • I have read and understand the current 'Consignor Guide' (updated Jan 2020 & emailed to current and each new consignor and can also be found on the website). I understand that I am responsible for all of the information contained in the guide including but not limited to item standards, hanging standards, pricing policies and fees incurred if those standards are not met.

  • I understand that the Facebook group for SCKC consignors only is a great place to get information, ask questions and watch videos about prepping, tagging and pricing my items to sell. If you choose to not join this group, you may miss out on valuable information to make the selling process easier. You can access the group through our Facebook page: ("Groups" link on left hand side of page).

  • I understand that there is a $10 non-refundable registration fee for each sale I participate in that will be deducted out of my earnings from the sale.

  • I understand that there is a $3 pricing minimum for hanging/clothing items. Bundle like items/sizes together to get to this price point. This will require fewer hangers and save you time tagging your items. For all other items, there is no pricing minimum; our pricing starts at $1.00 and goes up in $.50 increments from there. Bundle like items together to reach the $1.00 price point if necessary.

  • I agree to the standards set out by SCKC. Items must be free of ALL stains, holes, rips, be of the current season and not be overly-worn/stretched/pilled. All snaps and zippers must be in working condition. Each consignor will get 3 grace items if we have to pull any of their items from the floor (we understand sometimes you might not see a stain for example). After that, additional items that are pulled for a stain, hole, overly worn, broken, missing pieces, dirty, etc, will incur a $.50 fee for each pulled item (deducted from your earnings check).

  • I understand I must verify my items have not been recalled and are therefore not illegal to sell. Verify recalls through or or other similar websites.

  • I understand that SCKC sales are 'Seasonal' and understand which items can be brought to each sale. More information is in the Consignor Guide as well as on the website.

  • I understand the limit for Newborn, 0-3 Month and 3-6 Month sizes is 15 hangers (there can be multiple items on each hanger) for each size and gender per sale.

  • I am aware that there will be a 50% discount day on the last day of each sale (starting with the July 2020 sale). I can choose to have each of my items included in this discount day or not (the system will default to include all items in the 50% off sale, you will have to "un-check" the box to exclude it from the 50% off sale when creating the tag, this can be done for each item on a case by case basis). Keep in mind your sell through rate will increase if you include your items in the 50% off sale, resulting in more sales for you and fewer items to bring home. For ALL items I am marking 'Donate' I will also mark as 'Discount' to give them one last chance to sell.

  • I agree to bring a min of $100 of tagged items to be sold at the sale in order to qualify for consignor pre-sale shopping. If I don't choose to shop early, there is no minimum.

  • I maintain ownership of my items until they are sold. I will choose whether any unsold items will be donated or picked up during pick up hours after the sale and am aware of when those pick up hours are. Any unsold items not picked up after the sale will be donated to local charities. No exceptions.

  • I am aware that only one person may consign under a consignor number. The named consignor will be able to shop the pre-sale.

  • I understand that if I am a "Self-Service Consignor", I will receive 70% of the selling price of my items (minus the $10 registration fee for each sale I participate in). The % earned can increase by 5% for volunteering and 5% for a new consignor you refer to our sale (they must sell a minimum of $200 for that sale, up to 1 referral per sale). Your maximum earning is 80%.

  • I understand that if I am a "Full-Service Consignor", I will receive 40% of the selling price of my items (minus the $10 registration fee and minus the $10 supplies fee which covers hangers, pins, paper, ink, etc for each sale I participate in). The % you earn can go up by 5% for volunteering and 5% for each new consignor you refer to our sale (they must sell a minimum of $200 for that sale, up to 1 referral per sale). Your maximum earning is 50%.

  • I understand that volunteering for the sale is not required (unless you are a high-volume consignor-see below), but adding one 4 hour shift does earn you a pre-sale pass to shop before other consignors who do not volunteer as well as the extra 5% of sales. If you select a volunteer shift that will be completed after the pre-sale and do not show up for your shift (or do not send someone in your place), $40 will be deducted from your sale earnings. This prevents consignors from getting the benefit of shopping early and not completing their required volunteer shift.

  • I understand that consignors selling 300 or more items will be considered 'High-Volume Consignors'. These consignors will be required to volunteer at our sort shift at the end of the sale (this will earn them an extra 5% for volunteering). Failing to volunteer at this sort shift will result in a $40 fee being deducted from your earnings.

  • I understand the limit of New With Tags items is 5 per consignor. Items like duplicate gifts and items that were never worn are fine. We include this rule to avoid those individuals who buy out the clearance rack at a local retailer and want to resell for a profit. Our sale just isn’t the right venue for this business venture.

  • I understand that no items may be set aside or purchased early. All purchases must be done during shopping hours. Hiding items, removing items from the sales floor, switching tags, altering tags, etc does constitute theft and are a breach of this agreement, I will lose consigning privileges and I will incur a $50 deduction from my earnings check.

  • I will not hold St. Croix Kids Consignment responsible for fire, loss, theft or damage to my items. I assume the risk of these events occurring by participating in the sale and my participation is voluntary.

  • Every effort is made to ensure the safety and security of your items. The sales floor will not be left unattended and all items will be locked inside the room every night. However, ultimately, SCKC is not responsible for any items that go missing, consignors will not be reimbursed for missing items.

  • I agree to waive any and all claims for personal injury resulting from the participation in the sale from whatever cause against St. Croix Kids Consignment, the leasers of the space where the sale is held and any other consignor or participant in the sale.

  • I maintain that each item offered for sale by me is in good operating condition, reasonable wear and tear accepted, and is not broken or damaged in any way. I am the owner of all the items I have brought to the sale and have the authority to sell them. I know of no reason that each item shouldn’t be sold. I understand that if an item is returned because it does not have all the parts or is not in proper working order, the total cost of the item along with a $5 return fee will be deducted from my earnings.

  • I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

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