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Terms of Service:

As a consignor to the Consignment Sale, I agree to the following:


  1. When entering items, you will enter a full price for each item (if you do not want the item to be included in the 50% discount sale be sure to mark the red "X" box), select an item category. You will also designate if you want the unsold item donated. From 3pm-5pm on Saturday, July 10, 2021 items that are not sold will be available for pick up or will be donated for the $5 bag sale. Sellers will not be required to be present for the sale.

  2. Veteran sellers recommend entering 10 items at a time and then printing (see printing instructions below) and labeling. If you wait to print and label all your items at one time it can be time consuming to put the right label with the correct item.

  3. Sellers can bring anywhere from 2 items to 500 or more! This allows people with a small or large amount to participate.

  4. Books will need to be dropped off at Independent Bible Church on Wednesday, July 8, 2021 between the hours of 12 p.m. -5 p.m. The system will prompt you to reserve a drop off time.

  5. Sellers get 70% of all items that are sold. The other 30% goes for administrative and credit card processing fees. A fee of $5.00 will be deducted from each consignor's total sale proceeds to help offset costs for the building rental.

  6. Price your books in $.50 increments. The min price is $.50 unless the item is free and then you do not need to print a label for it (you can bundle books together if they are low in value).

  7. Use ziplock bags to group odd shaped items or items with lots of pieces.

  8. If you use rubber bands, use bands across both the length and width.

  9. Please use white paper to print tags. The scanner has a hard time with colored paper.

  10. Each book SHOULD have two tags. One inside the book and one outside the book. If you choose to not put two labels on your items, MAHE is not liable for lost or misplaced items.

  11. Tape tags with one strip of clear tape through the middle.

  12. Consignor will need to pick-p their unsold items on Saturday, July 10, 2021 between 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. Any unclaimed items will be donated to a local charity.


  14. Anyone that signs up to volunteer for at least 2 hours to help with the sale will earn an early shopping pass for Thursday evening between 5 p.m.-7 p.m. before the public enters. When you log into your account you will be given the opportunity to sign-up to volunteer.


  16. It is suggested to enter, print, and label 10 items at a time to help keep you organized and save time looking for the correct label for the right book.

  17. The labels will print in duplicate. This gives you 2 labels for each item.

  18. Cut the labels and tape (use clear tape) the proper one on the outside of each item. Tape that is easily removed is preferable. Put the other label inside the textbook. This is an extra precaution to ensure that we will be able to locate your items. Please place one piece of tape across the middle of the label.

  19. If selling items as a set make sure to package the items together securely so they won’t become separated during the sale. Indicate the number of items when you entering the item information. It may be beneficial to label the package “sold as a SET”.


  21. To check on your sold and donated items, sign in to your barcoding account and got to the "Sales Report" section. The Master Sheet will show books that sold and those that did not. Your unsold books need to be picked up from Independent Bible Church on Saturday, July 10, 2021 from 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. Any books not picked up by 6pm will be donated.

  22. If you have chosen to donate all unsold books, you will not need to do anything further to receive your payment. Payments will be made to the PayPal address on file.

  23. Proprietors of the sale or the location will not be held liable for any loss or damage to the items from any cause whatsoever, including, but not limited to flood, fire, or theft.

I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

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