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Terms of Service:

GUMW Children's Consignment Sale Consignor Agreement
In consideration for the opportunity to participate in and profit from the GUMW Children's Consignment Sale, please read and acknowledge your acceptance of the following Terms of Agreement:
Consignor agrees to tag and set the price on each item to be sold at GUMW Children's Consignment Sale.
Consignor will complete each tag according to GUMW Children's Consignment Sale instructions. At the half price sale (dates and times available on website), any unsold item will be sold for half off unless it is clearly indicated as NO DISCOUNT encoded on the barcode above the price.

Consignor agrees to bring only approved items for the sale and GUMW Children's Consignment Sale reserves the right to pull any items off the sales floor if deemed not acceptable or inappropriate.
Consignor gives GUMW Children's Consignment Sale permission to price any item that is found without a price on the tag.
Any item found without a tag during GUMW Children's Consignment Sale will be placed in lost and found. GUMW Children's Consignment Sale will make every effort to find any lost tag. If the tag is not found the item will be available at pick up for consignor to identify. If not identified during pick up the item will be donated.
ONLY unsold items without DONATE above the barcode of the tag will be returned to the consignor. Any unsold item with DONATE above the barcode will be donated immediately following the half price sale on Saturday. Consignor understands any items, regardless of whether they are labeled DONATE or not, will be immediately donated to a charity of GUMW’s choice if not picked up by the date and time listed on website.
Consignor leaves items with the understanding that GUMW Children's Consignment Sale, Germantown United Methodist Church, or any affiliates or volunteers, is not liable for any damage to consignor items beyond their control: fire, tornado, theft, loss, damages, etc. Consignor assumes the risk of these events occurring by participating in the sale. Rest assured that all possible steps will be taken to keep items safe and secure.
Consignor confirms and agrees that the items consigned are in full compliance with the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008) such that the items consigned do not contain more than 600 ppm total lead. Consignor has reviewed the CPSC website http:/./ within one week prior to the sale to specifically confirm that the items consigned are not recalled due to lead content, and to ensure that the items consigned are NOT recalled or in any way in violation of current CPSC guidance. This includes all cribs.
Consignor agrees the following will be removed from the sale and should not be brought to consign: Cribs, Carseats or car boosters, stuffed animals, cloth toys, underwear, socks, VHS Tapes, torn clothing, stained clothing, worn out clothing, outdated clothing, stained and worn out shoes, broken or inoperable toys, out of season clothing and shoes, comforters, bumpers, dust ruffles, pillows, or diaper disposal systems. If the consignor brings these items, we will have to ask you remove them prior to the sale or donate them to charity.
Consignor agrees to waive any and all claims for personal injury from participation in the sale from whatever cause against GUMW Children's Consignment Sale, Germantown Untied Methodist Church, any volunteer or paid participants or the insurer of Germantown United Methodist Church.
Consignor Proceed Checks will be available at unsold clothing pick-up. Consignor will receive 70% of the total sales amount for their items.

I agree that I have read and accept the terms of the above agreement and agree to abide by the above GUMW Children's Consignment Sale agreement.

I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

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