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Terms of Service:

As a consigner at the Deja Vu Kids Consignment Sales, I agree to the following:

  1. I am the owner of the items that I am
    consigning and I have full authority to sell the items offered by me for the
    Deja Vu Kids consignment sale event. I have entered my items into the DEJA VU
    KIDS database, priced my items, chosen whether or not to markdown my items for
    the 50% off sale and whether or not my unsold items are donated to charity. I
    have printed and attached an DEJA VU KIDS’s bar-coded tag to each of my items.
  2. I have carefully inspected the items I am
    consigning. Each item is clean, sanitized, is in good and working/operating
    condition, has no missing parts and is not defective, broken or damaged in any
    way. Any repaired item was repaired by the original manufacturer or in
    accordance with the original manufacturer’s warranty program. I know of no
    reason why any item would cause any injury to another.
  3. I
    verify that no item I am consigning is the subject of any current, pending or
    threatened recall notice according to Health Canada Consumer Product Recalls. I
    confirm I have checked my items against the recall lists maintained by Heath
    Canada at: and the
    Government of Canada – Healthy Canadians at:
  4. I understand that DEJA VU KIDS is only an event organizer for the consigner. DEJA
    VU KIDS accepts NO LIABILITY arising from any of my items and has no obligation
    to pay for any unsold items. Title possession remains with the Consigner.
  5. I agree to hold harmless and make no
    claim against DEJA VU KIDS or any of the entity’s members, officers, directors,
    agents, employees, and volunteers, the leaser or owner of the space where the
    sale event is held or the insurer of DEJA VU KIDS for any and all personal
    injury claim(s) resulting in participation as a consigner and or volunteer from
    whatever cause either foreseen or unforeseen, and for any damage, theft, or
    loss of any item(s) consigned to DEJA VU KIDS.
  6. I understand
    that ALL items I have consigned to DEJA VU KIDS are at the sole risk of the
    consigner and that DEJA VU KIDS is NOT RESPONSIBLE and will NOT be obliged to
    compensate me for any missing or damaged items.
  7. I agree to waive relinquish, discharge,
    release, and covenant not to sue Deja Vu Kids or any of the entity’s members,
    officers, directors, agents, employees, volunteers or the insurer of DEJA VU
    KIDS for any and all claims of injury, damage, or loss that any purchaser of
    the items that I am consigning may have or that may accrue to any purchaser of
    the items arising out of, connected with, or in any way associated with such
    consigned items.
  8.  I agree to defend, indemnify and hold
    harmless Deja Vu Kids and any of the entity’s members, officers, directors,
    agents, employees, volunteers, or the insurer of Déjà vu Kids from and against,
    without limitation, any and all claims, loss, damages, forfeitures, penalties,
    liability, actions, suits, costs and attorney fees arising from or related to
    the items I am consigning.
  9. Consigners receive up to 75% of the sales on
    items sold. A $15.00 participation fee will be deducted from each consigners
    earning cheque at the end of the sale. If a consigner does not sell any items,
    no registration fee will be applied. Cheques are subject to a $2 fee and will be mailed or ready for
    pick-up within 7 business days after the close of a sale; the consignor agrees that if the cheque is not deposited within 12 weeks of the sale date, the consignor forfeits their profit. Please bring a
    stamped self addressed envelope with you to drop-off. . E-transfers are free. .
  10. I agree that if I sign-up for a volunteer shift and cancel the shift within
    48-hours or do not show up, my earnings will be reduced to 25% and I will
    forfeit my right to participate in future sales.

  11. If a consigner volunteers and completes
    one 3-hour shift, they will receive 65%. If a consigner volunteers for two
    3-hour shifts they will receive 70%. If a consigner volunteers for three 3-hour
    shifts they will receive 75% and if a consigner volunteers for four 3-hour
    shifts they will receive 75%.
  12. It is each consigner’s responsibility to
    fill out each item’s tag completely and properly. “Discount” on a tag indicates
    that the item could be sold at 50% off the original price. "Donate" on a tag
    indicates the item will be donated to charity if it does not sell.
  13.  I agree that I will make no claims
    against DEJA VU KIDS for any discrepancies involving items placed in the sale.
  14.  I
    agree that ITEMS NOT PICKED UP during the times posted on our website will be
    donated to charity and that there are NO exceptions to this DEJA VU KIDS
    policy. I understand that I will be charged a $15 no show fee if I do not pick
    up my items by the deadline and this amount will be deducted from my earnings

  15. I understand that items found WITHOUT A
    tag during the sale will be placed on our Lost and Found table. It is my
    responsibility to look through these items for identification. Any items not
    identified will be donated after the pick-up period is over.


I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

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