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Welcome to the DC SKI SWAP Sale!

Fill in this form to join the DC SKI SWAP.

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Please read the following agreement,
check the box to agree, and click the Create Account button.
***** READ ALL OF THIS *****
or read the concierge settings to the right!

Consignment of goods: DROP OFF SCHEDULE:
SAT, NOV 3, 2018 8-10am
have your sale tickets Already made!
AND bring your inventory sheet listing your items.

Pickup unsold items: SAT, NOV 3., 4:00 - 5:00 pm
All items not picked up are considered donations, we do not store unsold items.

Consignors will receive 80% of price for each sold item.
Please read thru what is acceptable products, and terms of consigning.
Please make sure you can pick up unsold items in the times designated.

Hello. Thanks for consigning your items for the DC SKI SWAP.
Please copy and print instructions on how to become a consignor and print your own tags at home. You will need an email address, white 65# paper (index thick), and a printer. No color paper. To make it easier to find your items for pickup, put a special mark or something on your tags (do not cover barcode).
Please note drop-off and pickup times!!!


Sign in as: NEW CONSIGNOR or JOIN ... fill out form and Consent.
*check email for your consignor ID and password...put this info somewhere on your phone.
Your consignor number is: the first & last initials of your name + last 4 digits of phone #.
*left side of page: fill in consignor ID & password... CLICK "LOGIN"
*READ “Getting Started"
*CLICK on left side of page "Add Items"
*Fill in template for sale tags.
ITEM NAME: type a clear description of item in case of lost/missing tag.
brand name - what is item? Ie. Jacket/pants/baselayer, etc. + color of item
ex. Rossignol skis w/ look binding red/blk
GENDER: drop down menu of choices
SIZE / AGE: fill in. ex. 160 (for skis or boards) 5T for toddler, S =small, M=med etc.
TYPE: drop down menu of choices: clothing, snowboard w/bindings, etc.
PRICE: in dollar amounts (just dollar numbers, no cents) $5 minimum price/default price.
DONATE: check this column if you are not picking up your items. Ski Liberty picks a non-profit to receive donations.

Each template page holds 18 listings and prints 6 tags / per regular sheet of paper.
When you finish filling in your items for sale.
**DO NOT PRESS SAVE or LEAVE PAGE, either of these actions will cause you to lose what you have just typed.
PRESS ADD ITEMS if you do not want to print at this moment.
PRESS ADD ITEMS and PRINT if you are ready to print those tags. (1 for you, 1 for us)

BRING (2) “PRINT ITEMS LIST” to drop-off. These are used to check items in.
Do not bring boxes, leave them at home.
Tags have to be securely attached to items
NO bundle items ie. skis & poles or googles & helmets...price and tag separately please.

1. Make your tags and apply to merchandise at home before drop off.
Use safety pins to attach tags to clothing.
Use plastic bags (provided at drop-off site) to attach tags to equipment ie. skis, boots, boards
Use loose string to keep pairs of boots together (provided at drop-off site)
2. OR print tags at home and come in and use attachment tools at drop-off.
3. OR come to drop-off and we will print your tags (from your account) as available.

TAGS: use 8.5 x11" WHITE paper heavy index paper #65 weight.
When you arrive at designated drop-off times, your items will be checked in using your consignment print list/product sheet.
Please bring your clothes on hangers if you can, if not use hangers at drop-off site.

See you soon!...tell your friends and family about THE DC SKI SWAP

I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

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