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Christ Church Consignment Sale Consignor Terms of Service

By choosing to consign with Christ Church Consignment Sale, consignor understands and agrees to the following:

Items submitted are in great, excellent, new or like-new condition, free of damage, in working condition, currently fashionable, contain all necessary pieces and are ready for resale. All items conform with standards posted on the sale management site. Consignor has reviewed the latest list of recalled children’s products and toys at and will not knowingly bring any recalled items to the sale.

All items unsold by 12:00 pm on Saturday will be marked down by 50% unless I have marked my items in the system (and therefore on the tags) with a red X for eXclude from half-price. At 1:30 pm on Saturday, any items that are marked to be donated will be offered for sale at 75% the tag price.

Registered consignors will receive 60% of their sale proceeds. Registered consignors who volunteer will receive 80% of their sales proceeds IF they fulfill the terms of their volunteer shift including being on time to their shift. Volunteers need to be ready to work at the start time of their shift (may want to plan to arrive a few minutes early) and remain working the entire shift. Penalties in the form of a reduced (1% reduction for every minute late) or waived volunteer credit apply to latecomers, regardless of the reason for lateness. No exceptions.

Consignor will allow ample time to retrieve any of their unsold items before 3:30 pm on the Saturday of the sale. At 3:30 pm sharp, the consignor understands ALL uncollected items will be packed up for donation.

A consignor fee of $10 will be deducted from each consignor’s sale proceeds for sale expenses. Christ Church will retain 100% of the proceeds from any consignor non-volunteer with sales less than $35 and from any consignor volunteer with sales less than $25. The consignor will not receive a check in those circumstances.

Registration is required for EACH sale, by selecting a Drop Off time when registration opens. Individuals who drop off items at the sale when they are not registered to sell will not receive any proceeds. Any proceeds from the sale of unregistered consignor items will be considered donations to the sale.

Checks are mailed to consignors approximately 6-8 weeks after the sale.

It is the consignor’s responsibility to ensure their address is updated on their account registration. If the consignor fails to update their address, and as a result, their check is sent to an old address and never received, a $30 check reissue fee will be deducted from the consignor's proceeds in the replacement check. This is due to the bank charges the church incurs to put a stop payment on the original check.

If a consignor has not received their check after 8 weeks, it is their responsibility to contact the sale organizers at that time. Any checks not cashed within 6 months will be void and 100% of check amount will be donated.

I have read and agree to the Terms of Service.