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List of Items

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Green changing pad coverBothAccessory$4.00
Changing padBothBaby Gear (Other)$6.00
10 jeans PSNYBothClothing$10.00
Sz 10 justice jean jacket w/ gemsGirls10 or 10/12Clothing$6.00
Black skirt silver squaresGirls7 or 7/8Clothing$4.50
Pink sequins dressGirls12 or 12/14Clothing$7.00
10/12 Vikings jerseyBoth10 or 10/12Clothing$7.00
Black leoGirls10 or 10/12Sporting Goods$6.00
Old navy pink sweatshirt Girls10 or 10/12Clothing$4.00
Sz 6 black dress w/ lace & sparklesGirls6 or 6/7Clothing$7.00
8/10 chaps black 1/2 sweaterGirls8 or 8/10Clothing$3.00
Black jacketGirls16 or 16/18Clothing$12.00
Red snoopy pjGirls7 or 7/8Clothing$4.00
Lt green justice jacketGirls7 or 7/8Clothing$6.00
Justice owl shirtGirls16 or 16/18Clothing$5.00
Army green coat placeGirls14 or 14/16Clothing$5.00
Sz 8 justice jeansGirls8 or 8/10Clothing$10.00
7/8 blue fall/ spring coatGirls7 or 7/8Clothing$10.00
Sz 12 cat & jack jeanGirls12 or 12/14Clothing$6.00
Black soft jeansGirls14 or 14/16Clothing$5.00
2 pair jegging, jean & glitterGirls14 or 14/16Clothing$5.00
2 pair jegging; jean & stars Girls14 or 14/16Clothing$5.00
Green stripe shirtGirls12 or 12/14Clothing$4.00
Snow flake nightieGirls7 or 7/8Clothing$4.00
Grey Gymboree sweat pantsGirls8 or 8/10Clothing$6.00