2021 Rogue Ski & Gear Swap

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List of Items

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Tele SkisN/AXC Skis$450.00
Alpina Duo Action Core SRX tele skisN/A160cmXC Skis$40.00
Rossignol skate SkisN/A151XC Skis$65.00
Asnes Sondre MT-2 XC skis with Voile 3 pN/A210 cmXC Skis$50.00
XC Skis Blue & White BonnasN/AXC Skis$10.00
Solomon xcountry skisN/A151XC Skis$55.00
Rossignol skate skisN/A160XC Skis$65.00
Fisher skiN/A200XC Skis$40.00
Rossignol Active PlateN/A184 XC Skis$80.00
Rossignol Jr. X-C skis and boots/ Blue aN/A130XC Skis$30.00
Trak Nova XC Skis BlueN/A55 mmXC Skis$25.00
Cross Line XC Skis WhiteN/A210XC Skis$25.00
Atomic Alpin touring skis N/A177XC Skis$185.00
telemarkN/A174XC Skis$75.00
telemarkN/A164XC Skis$75.00
telemarkN/A170XC Skis$75.00
K2 Tele SkiN/AXC Skis$20.00
Salomon skiN/A6XC Ski Boots$40.00
XC BootsN/A38XC Ski Boots$10.00
Scarpa AT Boots Blazer OrangeN/A8XC Ski Boots$30.00
Asolo Extreme Tele BootsN/A6.5XC Ski Boots$20.00
KarhuN/A10XC Ski Boots$40.00
Asolo extremes leather bootsN/A6.5XC Ski Boots$20.00
AlpineN/A8.50XC Ski Boots$35.00
rossigvol downhill skiN/A24XC Ski Boots$20.00