GUMW Children's Consignment Sale


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List of Items

Welcome to the Virtual Browser! This list will give you an idea of what's coming to the sale!
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“Hello I’m New Here” blue/white elBoys3 1/2Clothing - Boys$4.00
zutanto baby outfit elephants Boys18monthsClothing - Boys$5.00
Zutano stripe overalls/gold shirtBoys12monthsClothing - Boys$4.00
zutano pants and top Girls6monthsClothing - Girls$4.00
Zutano on piece big bearBoys12monthsClothing - Boys$8.00
Zutano green striped outfitBoys12monthsClothing - Boys$8.00
zutano flower dressGirls18monthsClothing - Girls$4.00
zutano elephant outfit Boys18monthsClothing - Boys$5.00
Zutano dress 6-12mGirls6monthsClothing - Girls$8.00
Zutano bubble teacupsGirls18monthsClothing - Girls$6.00
Zutano blue white hatBoysBoy Accessories$5.00
Zutano animal one pieceBoys12monthsClothing - Boys$8.00
Zuccini White Smocked Christmas DressGirls18monthsClothing - Girls$16.00
Zuccini smocked truck longallBoys18monthsClothing - Boys$12.00
Zuccini smocked outfit green and whiteBoys5Clothing - Boys$14.00
Zuccini smocked frogs blue white shortalBoys4Clothing - Boys$12.00
Zuccini Orange smocked shortall with froBoys9monthsClothing - Boys$10.00
Zuccini Brown LgSl Dog Appl ShirtBoys2TClothing - Boys$4.00
ZUCCINI BROWN COATGirls4Clothing - Girls$8.00
Zuccini blue outfitGirls3Clothing - Girls$5.00
Zuccini beach buckets smocked green shorBoys4Clothing - Boys$14.00
zucchini long all Boys24 monthsClothing - Boys$12.00
Zucchini Christmas TopGirls6monthsClothing - Girls$3.00
ZUGirls12monthsClothing - Girls$6.00
Zoo Jamz Xylophone (vtech)N/AToys$4.00