GUMW Children's Consignment Sale


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List of Items

Welcome to the Virtual Browser! This list will give you an idea of what's coming to the sale!
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Mountain BikeBoysSports Equipment$10.00
Mountain BikeBoysSports Equipment$10.00
Mountain BikeBoysSports Equipment$10.00
Pottery Wheel - New, no clay or paintN/AToys$27.00
Pink newborn baby outfitGirlsnewbornClothing - Girls$3.00
Where in the World Geography GameN/ABoard Games/similar$7.00
U.S. Constitution card gameN/ABoard Games/similar$2.00
Cat Puzzle - 400 piecesN/ABoard Games/similar$3.00
Memory Games - 2 sets - Toy Story and DiN/ABoard Games/similar$4.00
DominoesN/ABoard Games/similar$3.00
MonopolyN/ABoard Games/similar$5.00
Calculator - TI-30XIISN/ABoard Games/similar$14.00
Magnet kitN/AToys$3.00
Timer - large visual timerN/AToys$5.00
Build A Bear clothesN/AToys$3.00
Bag - pink coin purse - cat faceN/ABags/Backpacks$2.00
Bag - multi color with flowersN/ABags/Backpacks$3.00
New Purse - tan cross body with zippersN/ABags/Backpacks$12.00
Bag with dog - TobleroneN/AToys$1.00
Petunia pink diaper bagN/ADiaper bags$15.00
New Purse - pink clutchN/ABags/Backpacks$3.00
Purse - white with shapesN/ABags/Backpacks$5.00
Purse - cross body- black with orangeN/ABags/Backpacks$6.00
Purse - silver clutchN/ABags/Backpacks$3.00
Purse - gold clutchN/ABags/Backpacks$4.00