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POSTPONED!! Welcome to HUM School!

Locations and Dates

Sale Location:
POSTPONED! Hermitage United Methodist Church
205 Belinda Drive, Hermitage, TN 37076
Dates:Check back for dates of the next sale!

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Welcome!  Thank you for choosing the HUM School Consignment Sale

Receiving Requirements:
*All clothing must be sorted by size and gender before you check in.
*All clothing must be on wire hangers
*All tags must be printed from this program on white card stock. 

Tagging Instructions:      

All hangers should open to the left with the shirts and pants pinned to the top of the hanger. Outfits should have the shirt on the hanger facing front, turn it over and hang the pants by pinning them through the top of the hanger and the shirt pants will face front on the back side so you see front of shirt on front and front of pants on back.  Tags are always pinned to the top right corner of the item.  Tags should be secured with a safety pin by pinning it horizontally across the top of the card.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the split?  Consignor 70%/HUM 30%

Is there an advertising fee?  Yes, the  fee for advertising and other expenses incurred is $8 from the net earnings of $15 or more.  This will be deducted before your check is sent.  You do not have to pay this fee up front. **There is one way to have your fee waived and that is to sign up to volunteer four or more hours at the sale, this will also allow early shopping. The more hours you work, the earlier you shop!

Do I need to bring a self-addressed, stamped envelope?   No, we will provide envelopes and postage, this is part of the advertising fee.

When will I receive payment?  Payment will be mailed to you within 7 days.  

When can I pick up my cards?  Cards are not available for pickup as they remain on the item sold.  You can check your sales each day right here at

Is there a limit to the items I can consign?  2020 Fall/Winter: 150 items

Where can I get wire hangers?  Wire hangers can be purchased cheaply at Dollar General, Wal-Mart, or Amazon.  Sometimes you can get them from your local dry cleaner.  In both cases, get them early because once consignment season is upon us they are gone quickly.  Community groups such as Facebook or Craigslist may also be helpful.

Can someone else drop off or pick up my items for me?  Yes, you can have a friend or family member drop off your items; please understand that they will sign a contract for which you will be liable.  You may also have someone else pick up your items, but be aware they are responsible for knowing what items to pick up and any items missed will not be available for pick up after 5:30 PM on Saturday.  Any items left behind will be donated.

Will I need an appointment to drop off my items?  Yes, you can make an appointment from your login.

What if I find that an item I consigned is missing?  There are many reasons why an item may go missing from the sale.  A tag can become dislodged from the item, the item may not have been seen when items were picked up (most common), etc.  Many consignors automatically assume that the item was stolen.  This is actually very rarely the case as we have eyes on the floor at all times.  We do our best to keep tabs on every item that comes through our doors.  However, we cannot be held responsible for items lost before, during or after the sale.  The best defense against loss is to make sure that if the tag becomes dislodged we can easily use the tag to identify the item based on description.  The more detailed the description the better.

***Dear Consignors,

We will no longer be able to take consignment items tagged from another sale.  We tried an "experiment" at our Spring 2017 Consignment Sale by accepting items from other sales that have a barcode.  If you participated as a consignor with items tagged from another sale, we greatly appreciated you consigning with us.  We had a problem at checkout with items not scanning properly so they had to entered by hand using a very long, tiny number that required a magnifying glass at times.  This was very difficult for our cashiers and lengthened our lines.  We also had great difficulty as we sorted our items at the end of the sale because the HUM School consignor number was not on the tag from another sale.  Again, we appreciated your participation and regret that we can longer accept consignment items unless they are tagged through the software we subscribe to at .    We really wish that accepting items tagged from another sale had worked out.  

Items Accepted

Fall/Winter clothes: Infants, boys, girls, juniors, large boys 16-20.

All-season dress code/uniforms, blue jeans, khakis pants, long sleeve shirts,Lightweight jackets and winter jackets. PLEASE NO spring or summer apparel! PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CHECK FOR STAINS and that you have BATTERIES THAT ARE WORKING IN YOUR TOYS!!!!!

All-season maternity (limit 20 items per consignor)

Cribs (no drop side), Swings, bedroom furniture, strollers, car seats, infant carriers, portacribs, etc. Bedding must be in large Ziploc-type bag

Toys, books, games (no missing pieces). Place all loose items in a Ziploc bag with card on OUTSIDE. Items requiring batteries must include them and be in working order.

Sporting goods, dancewear, and gymnastic wear

Shoes- Please limit to your 10 best pairs of gently used shoes, cleats, boots, etc. Shoes can be connected with safety pins or zip ties


PLEASE NOTE: Items accepted at time of receiving are subject to re-examination and removal.


- Stuffed Animals
- Socks
- Underwear/Bras
- Nursing Items

- Bags of junk toys (this includes Kids Meal toys)

- Bottles, nipples
- Sippy Cups, bowls, 
- VHS Tapes