Jack and Jill Sale Chattanooga



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List of Items

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Pink teal flowers car seat coverGirlsOther$6.00
Clouds grey car seat coverBothOther$6.00
Pink flowers nursing cover, shopping carGirlsOther$3.00
Blue dot purple stripe shirt & white shiGirls3TClothing$4.00
Chambray white flowers topGirls3TClothing$2.00
Hanging with mommy onesieBothpreemieClothing$1.00
Mickey mouse sleeperBoth3-6Clothing$1.00
Spiderman sleeperBoysnbClothing$1.00
Dog fuzzy sleeperBothnbClothing$2.00
Hooded onesieBothnbClothing$1.00
Puma sleeperBoth0-3Clothing$2.00
Bear sleeper with earsBothnbClothing$1.00
Gerber dino sleeperBoysnbClothing$1.00
Car fuzzy sleeperBoys3moClothing$2.00
Monkey stripe sleeperBoth3moClothing$1.00
Dinosaur striped sleeperBoysnbClothing$1.00
5 pair pantsBoys3-6moClothing$5.00
4 hatsBothClothing$1.00
3pack t-shirts starBoys0-3moClothing$3.00
Medela bottles with extra nipples-newBothOther$10.00
2 skirtsGirls3moClothing$1.00
3pack t-shirtsBoys0-3moClothing$3.00
Pink Fox shirt, black leggings Girls3TClothing$3.00
Teal butterfly shirt, pink leggings Girls3TClothing$3.00
2 leggings floralGirls3TClothing$2.00