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List of Items

Welcome to the Virtual Browser! This list will give you an idea of what's coming to the sale!
Think of it as a way to virtually browse EVERY ITEM COMING TO THE NEXT SALE!

Umbrella strollerBothStroller$10.00
Giving tree book BothBooks$3.00
grey shortsGirls5Apparel-Girls$2.00
Old navy red tankGirlsXSApparel-Girls$1.00
Yellow lace shirtGirls4TApparel-Girls$2.00
first impression flower shirtGirls0-3mthApparel-Girls$2.00
Jumping bean butterfly shirtGirls4Apparel-Girls$2.00
sunflower jean shortsGirls4Apparel-Girls$2.00
black cotton shortsGirls6Apparel-Girls$2.00
Umbro pink soccer shortsGirlsXXSApparel-Girls$4.00
Aero green shirtGirlsXSApparel-Girls$3.00
white tank topGirls4-5Apparel-Girls$2.00
blue cat shirtGirls4Apparel-Girls$2.00
white ruffle tank topGirls4Apparel-Girls$3.00
Gymboree swim skirt and topGirls4Apparel-Girls$3.00
Gymboree swim shirtGirls4Apparel-Girls$3.00
One of a kind swim set Girls4TApparel-Girls$4.00
Carters tankGirls3mthApparel-Girls$2.00
What homework shirtGirls7/8Apparel-Girls$2.00
Nike blue shirtBothXSApparel-Girls$2.00
rather be wearing a tutu tankGirls4Apparel-Girls$2.00
Black Bee Kind tankGirls4Apparel-Girls$2.00
Old navy white shirtGirls4TApparel-Girls$3.00
Carters pink tankGirls6mthApparel-Girls$2.00
just one you dragon fly shirtGirls3mthApparel-Girls$2.00
purple shirtGirls8Apparel-Girls$2.00
Jean short (2 pair)Girls5Apparel-Girls$4.00
Baby gap tankGirls4TApparel-Girls$4.00
Lady bug tank topGirls6mthApparel-Girls$2.00
pink butterfly shirtGirls3mthApparel-Girls$2.00
baby gap jean jumperGirls2TApparel-Girls$4.00
black cotton skirtGirls4TApparel-Girls$3.00
light green shirtGirls5Apparel-Girls$2.00
lep print shoesGirls9Shoes$3.00
silver sandals Girls12Shoes$3.00
Gymboree flower flip flopsGirls11Shoes$3.00
Black cotton shortsGirls6Apparel-Girls$2.00
Old navy dressGirls4TApparel-Girls$3.00
OshKosh tank and short setGirls6mthApparel-Girls$3.00
Gymboree red/white/blue dressGirls4Apparel-Girls$4.00
flower dressGirls4TApparel-Girls$3.00
polo pink pantsGirls4TApparel-Girls$4.00
polo red dressGirls3TApparel-Girls$4.00
Tommy Hilfiger pink shirtGirls4TApparel-Girls$3.00
Carter navy topGirls18mthApparel-Girls$3.00
Red/white/ blue with bowsGirls6-9mthApparel-Girls$4.00
Gap white shortsGirls6Apparel-Girls$4.00
Janie and Jack blue dressGirls3TApparel-Girls$6.00
old navy monkey shorts PJGirls5TApparel-Girls$3.00
old navy teal shortsGirls5Apparel-Girls$3.00