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List of Items

Welcome to the Virtual Browser! This list will give you an idea of what's coming to the sale!
Think of it as a way to virtually browse EVERY ITEM COMING TO THE NEXT SALE!

Pokemon BlackWhite Card bookBothToy$1.00
Collector card sleevesBothToy$1.00
Nerf Slingfire ZombiestrikeBothToy$6.00
Nerf Maverick Rev 6 classic yellowBothToy$5.00
RVCA logo black teeBoth14 Apparel-Boys$3.00
Hurley logo gray TeeBoth14Apparel-Boys$4.00
Nerf ModulusBothToy$15.00
Nerf ModulusBothToy$15.00
Nerf Maverick Rev - 6 CLEAR (rare)BothToy$8.00
Nerf Firestrike single load (painted)BothToy$5.00
*Floor Hockey SetBothToy$6.00
*Nerf DesolatorBothToy$12.00
*Nerf RotofuryBothToy$12.00
*Laser xBothToy$6.00
Life is good Girls4Apparel-Girls$2.00
Silver Twinkle Toes Girls9Shoes$5.00
Shag Minnetonka BootsGirls10Shoes$8.00
Silver Target Chucks Girls10Shoes$2.00
Navy See Kai Run Girls9Shoes$4.00
pink / black Twinkle toes Girls10.5Shoes$4.00
Gold See Kai Run Girls9Shoes$3.00
Teal Sandals Girls10Shoes$3.00
Denim Morgan and MiloGirls9.5Shoes$4.00
Cuddles Monkey (Turn on - live baby monkBothToy$7.50
Frozen Book w/Drawing PadBothToy$3.00
Frog Trouble w/ CDBothBooks$5.00
Bee Romper DressGirls6mApparel-Girls$3.00
Yellow Floral DressGirls6mApparel-Girls$3.00
NEW Red HatGirlsApparel-Girls$3.00
Matilda Jane Shorts & TankGirls4Apparel-Girls$15.00
Copper Key Maroon Striped TopGirls4Apparel-Girls$4.00
Goldiblox Craftstruction BoxBothToy$8.00
Charlie Banana Swim DiaperBoth21-27lbsSports$2.50
Light up GlobeBothToy$5.00
Disney blue striped tieBoys8Apparel-Boys$4.00
Nautica beltBoys16Apparel-Boys$4.00
Green watercolor shiffon ballet skirtGirls4.00Apparel-Girls$4.00
Bloch powder blue dance skirtGirls5.00Apparel-Girls$5.00
AG jean skortGirls16Apparel-Girls$5.00
Hollister blue poloGirls16Apparel-Girls$5.00
Balera red dance shortsGirlsXLApparel-Girls$4.00
Black ballet skirtGirlsm/lApparel-Girls$4.00
Matilda Jane Denim ruffke caprisGirls8Apparel-Girls$15.00
Taggie blanketBothAccessories$1.50
Stuffed snakeBothToy$2.00
Pirate Monkey BothToy$1.50
*Nike KDsBoys6.5Shoes$10.00
*toy gun BothToy$1.00
*Gerber space onsie striped - never wornBoth0-3 moApparel-Boys$1.00