Sweet Repeats KY Consignment Event

Sweet Repeats KY Consignment Event


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List of Items

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Hanging 4 plate holderBothHome Decor$4.50
Rooster planterBothHome Decor$2.50
4 Gold platesBothHome Decor$1.00
Airwick fragrance diffuser BothHome Decor$1.00
Airwick fragrance diffuser BothHome Decor$1.00
Wood/iron hanging shelf BothHome Decor$4.50
Lantern candle holderBothHome Decor$2.50
2 Navy collapsible storage container (1 BothHome Decor$2.50
5 Navy basketsBothHome Decor$4.50
5 Navy basketsBothHome Decor$4.50
Red water pitcherBothHome Decor$2.50
6 glassesBothHome Decor$6.50
4 Blue glassesBothHome Decor$2.50
Shopping Cart CoverGirlsOther$7.00
Moana DollBothToy$4.00
Portable BassinetBothBedding$45.00
Newborn Lounger PillowBothBedding$10.00
Kirklands Supreme Diapers (Plastic UnopeBoth2Other$35.00
Kids ask why?BothBook$1.00
One Hudred and One DalmationsBothBook$1.00
The Lion KingBothBook$1.00
Things to doBothBook$1.00
Is there really a human race?BothBook$1.00
Martian RockBothBook$1.00
And if the moon could talkBothBook$1.00