Sweet Repeats KY Consignment Event

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List of Items

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Itsy Bitsy Scentsy warmerMomMoms Corner$20.00
3X2 Wonder Woman themed bow holderGirlsKids Accessories$20.00
4X3 Wonder Woman themed bow holderGirlsKids Accessories$30.00
Wonder Woman wreath GirlsKids Home Decor$35.00
Frozen weighted blanketGirlsKids Blankets$10.50
6 hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$4.50
7 NWOT headwrapsGirlsKids Accessories$6.50
6 NWOT headwrapsGirlsKids Accessories$6.50
11 headwraps (most NWOT)GirlsKids Accessories$8.50
7 nautical hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$8.50
8 leather hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$8.50
7 felt hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$5.50
11 flower hairclips GirlsKids Accessories$8.50
8 hairbows (NWOT)GirlsKids Accessories$8.50
8 large glitter leather bowsGirlsKids Accessories$10.50
bag of headbandsGirlsKids Accessories$3.50
10 hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$8.50
8 double felt hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$6.50
9 felt hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$8.50
2 Ohio State hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$3.50
6 silk piggy setsGirlsKids Accessories$6.50
5 silk hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$5.50
5 double hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$6.50
6 glitter hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$6.50
7 holiday hairbowsGirlsKids Accessories$8.50